Cummins Engine Company was initially founded in 1919 by Clessie Cummins. Clessie developed the diesel engine that was earlier invented by Rudolf diesel. From its small beginning in Indiana where the Cummins headquarter remains the business has expanded on a global scale selling in over 190 countries. Cummins Diesel Engine Company has since developed to design, manufacture, distribute and service engines and related technologies.

Despite its foundations being built in 1919 it wasn’t until 1929 that the first successful diesel powered automobile was produced. On this achievement investor in Cummins W.G. Irwin was taken for a ride in the first diesel engine limousine. Cummins Engine Company had been evolving and growing at a slow pace until W.G Irwin was highly impressed by the innovative technology that Cummins Engine Company was developing. This encouraged W.G. Irwin to further invest into the company allowing its growth to take off.

The most successful engine family up to date was launched in 1933 accompanied by an 100,000 –mile warranty that was first introduced into the diesel industry. The company continued to grow at speed and it was within the 1950’s that Cummins Engine Company saw significant growth. During this period the equipment needed to build the American infrastructure was primarily powered by Cummins. To add to this, the infrastructure and roads that were built as part of the America’s interstate highway construction program soon saw vehicles also powered by Cummins begin to travel down them as the diesel engine success continued to progress. It was during the 1950’s that Cummins expanded overseas which saw Scotland open up a Cummins manufacturing plant.

The development of Cummins diesel for engine, power generation, components and components business distribution shows no signs of slowing down as its parts become evident across a variety of industries including; construction, marine, mining, military, railroad, oil and gas. Since its global expansion Cummins has produced sales worth $17 billion dollars as recorded in 2013 and owns more than 5000 facilities worldwide. Cummins has therefore become a leader of innovative technology within the diesel engine industry and has become a company that is “committed to providing, responsible technology, financial and production performance.” Cummins Engine Company continues to develop to this day and have since released a sustainability report that states Cummins commitment to producing a more favourable environmental footprint.